Fact Check: Did The Downtown Traffic Circles Cost $5,000,000?


The two new traffic circles in downtown St. Albert and the connecting road to ??? cost taxpayers $5 Million dollars and was a complete waste of money.


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Source: http://pbtech.org/clients/stalbert/edit/inforeq/2013~BIR45-2014.pdf

City figures show that the actual cost to the City of St. Albert was $4.28 million.

The traffic circles did cost about $110,000 more than lighted intersections which means better traffic flow and no added cost of electrical infrastructure operation and maintenance.

The traffic circles were meant to be an investment in the future of St. Albert's downtown core.

Five new plots of land with an estimated value of $3.7M (2011 data) have been made available for development. Once developed these plots are estimated to have a value of $124 million and will be used for commercial and residential development.


The development of housing and businesses on the new plots of land will also help increase the land value in the adjacent area.

When these new properties are complete, they will generate tax revenue for the city, it will create jobs and add homes to the downtown core.