"On a good day it can seem like you hit a red light every 2 or 3 intersections."

Traffic - Part I

Traffic on St. Albert Trail is beyond frustrating. 

On a good day it can seem like you hit a red light every 2 or 3 intersections. In a recent meeting with the manager of St. Albert’s Smart City Initiative, Travis Peter, I learned how his department is on track to solve this St. Albert Trail traffic woe.

Since this initiative is rather complicated it may not be in place for several years (I previously said as early as January 2018 but I was incorrect and I apologize for that). My understanding is that the new city council will have some power to accelerate the intelligent traffic management solution based on funding timelines. I'm working hard to learn more about this. 

Accountability has also been a hot topic lately so I was excited to hear how, this fall, his department will be presenting council with a proposal to release data to the public. He outlined how this will not only build a more transparent and accountable government but also encourage citizen-government engagement.

So far, our City Council has done a great job supporting this initiative. Over the next couple of months, I will be sharing how I would advocate for the use of this data in specific ways to address photo radar concerns in our city.