New Branch Library - Part II

In my first post related to the branch library (July 4th), I indicated that I'm still learning about the issue and that I wanted to hear all views before taking a stance.

Based on my follow up discussions, the issue is obviously not as simple as it initially appeared. You CAN be in favour of increased literacy and community spirit without unnecessary spending. Some of the ideas I have encountered, including amalgamation of services or reliance on existing space, does warrant another look.

At the end of the day, the citizens of St. Albert will vote (there will be a 3 part ballot question that address spending on the library, ice surface and swimming pool) on what they want and I will abide by the results. If elected, I will not support moving forward on the branch library unless the "yes" vote is greater than 50%. If the branch library does not gain the required support to move forward, via the ballot question, then I am committed to look at ALL the options available.

This not ruling out building more library space; but I am definitely open to any other ideas available that might minimize expenses while doing so.