Integrity & Commitment

I am committed to working cooperatively with the new mayor and all other councillors.

I am not Cam MacKay's candidate or Cathy Heron's candidate. I am in no specific "camp" and I urge all candidates to stick to their own campaign and let the other candidates work at getting themselves elected.

Over the last few months, I’ve met with our mayor and each of our city councillors on separate occasions. My first inclination was to side with those that I had met first. However, this gradually changed as I listened closely to their platforms and learned about why they support their ideas. I realized that regardless of the particular initiatives they support, they all deserve our respect for their service to our community.

I refuse to support any particular candidates in this upcoming election, although I may support any number of their specific positions. I do not think that we need a Council with only one mindset. We need diverse and different ways of thinking and Council members who are committed to listening to one another and the public. We need Council members who will respect each other and members of our City’s administration both publicly and privately. We need integrity.