"I am running for the role of city councillor because I would love to give back to the community that has already given so much to our family."

Cat Bylaw

St. Albert has an opportunity to provide better protection for cats. The city does provide recommendations on how to care for cats and what to do if a stray cat is found. However, there is no bylaw for licensing cats and regulating situations in which a cat found outdoors is causing issues. Continue reading

Transit: Improve It Or Lose It

Merely running buses up and down streets is no longer sufficient for generating funds. In fact, in many cases (e.g. empty buses), it can negatively affect the credibility of a system. Transit systems must do more and tailor service to address specific needs. Continue reading

Fact Check: Did The Downtown Traffic Circles Cost $5,000,000?

Claim The two new traffic circles in downtown St. Albert and the connecting road to ??? cost taxpayers $5 Million dollars and was a complete waste of money. Continue reading

Affordable Housing

To advance St. Albert as a community that encourages inclusivity, more housing options need to be made available. This would especially include affordable homes for those who need it such as young families, senior citizens, and those with a limited or fixed income. Continue reading

We Don't Need An MPC

After thorough research here are my findings and conclusion about the Municipal Planning Commission (MPC). Continue reading

Traffic - Part II

Tired of gridlock on the trail? The City of St. Albert is currently in the process of rolling out upgrades to the Intelligent Transportation Systems to allow for active traffic signal control. These upgrades include establishing a hardwired fibre optic network that connects traffic signals back to a central control hub.  Continue reading

New Branch Library - Part II

In my first post related to the branch library (July 4th), I indicated that I'm still learning about the issue and that I wanted to hear all views before taking a stance. Continue reading

Integrity & Commitment

I am committed to working cooperatively with the new mayor and all other councillors. I am not Cam MacKay's candidate or Cathy Heron's candidate. I am in no specific "camp" and I urge all candidates to stick to their own campaign and let the other candidates work at getting themselves elected. Continue reading

Traffic - Part I

Traffic on St. Albert Trail is beyond frustrating.  On a good day it can seem like you hit a red light every 2 or 3 intersections. In a recent meeting with the manager of St. Albert’s Smart City Initiative, Travis Peter, I learned how his department is on track to solve this St. Albert Trail traffic woe. Continue reading

New Branch Library - Part I

Last week I met with the St. Albert Public Library Director (Peter Bailey) and learned about all the work that has gone into city council's unanimous support to go ahead with a stand alone branch library. Continue reading