Affordable Housing

To advance St. Albert as a community that encourages inclusivity, more housing options need to be made available. This would especially include affordable homes for those who need it such as young families, senior citizens, and those with a limited or fixed income.

St. Albert has studied and developed means to make affordable housing options a reality. In December 2012, Habitat for Humanity handed the keys to 12 families at Aurora Place. Big Lake Pointe was built with affordability in mind. The Sturgeon Foundation has been established to assist seniors over 65. The St. Albert Rental Assistance Program (RAP) provides help to those in need.

However, despite these types of projects and initiatives, affordable housing remains a significant challenge in St. Albert. House prices in St. Albert continue to be the highest in the Edmonton region with an average of $423,551 in 2016. The cost of even a modestly priced home in St. Albert can be a barrier for those who would like to live here. Renting property in St. Albert also has its challenges. The number of options available to those seeking to rent is very limited.

The Federal government included a plan in its 2017 budget to spend $11.2 billion over the next 11 years on affordable housing. In 2017, the Alberta government also released a plan for affordable housing, where $1.2 billion will be spent over the next five years.

In order to lobby the Federal and Provincial governments to gain a share of these funding initiatives, I will advocate for the establishment of an affordable housing trust fund in St. Albert. I will also boost collaboration with other communities in the Edmonton Region.

A trust fund and regional collaboration will help St. Albert become more capable of bidding on, receiving, and managing government funding and establish strategies to increase affordable housing options. It will be used to boost programs such as RAP and give financial support to housing developments geared towards affordability.

I want to make sure that anyone can choose to live in St. Albert.




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