Congratulations Cathy Heron, Wes Brodhead, Jacquie Hansen, Sheena Hughes, Natalie Joly, Ray Watkins, and Ken MacKay. St. Albert has elected an outstanding group of people. I am confident all of you will be strong advocates on behalf of St. Albert. I think St. Albert can look forward to many great things over the next four years.

Thank you to everyone who believed in me and voted for me. Without your support, I wouldn't have come this far. I am incredibly humbled to have earned your trust.

This was a phenomenal experience to be a part of. It was as challenging as it was rewarding. I have met many wonderful people in our community on this journey. I have learned a great deal about our city. I feel privileged that so many of you were willing to meet with me to discuss how to make St. Albert a great place to live.

Thank you St. Albert!